What's the story!?!?

Dive Bar Nutrition is an example of the American dream. Many moons ago, Professor Phil was uneducated, skinny-fat, and living in Los Angeles as an aspiring rock musician. He worked 5 part-time jobs, and was always tired... or hungover.

Fast forward to 2015. Protein bars are more popular than ever and Phil is trying to get his secret hangover recovery nutrients into a tasty protein bar. While getting his masters in exercise science, students in the university fitness center are always eating a protein bar or nursing a hangover. They receive early versions of Dive Bars and go berserk for them. A bar is born.

With little more than a paralyzing student loan and a pound of protein powder, Professor Phil hit the ground running. Armed with an Instagram account, and a desire, Phil upgraded equipment every 9-12 months. Paid himself last so the brand would one day come in first. A one-man operation in summer of 2016 (renting time in a commissary kitchen), Dive Bar Nutrition is now a fully operational facility, producing thousands of protein bars hourly, with fulfillment and shipping on site. We are a team at our facility and together, with our customers, we are an army of ass kickers. Parents, kids, pro athletes, and day 1 struggling rookies.

Together, with you, we are the Dive Barmy.

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