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Built on e-commerce and fortified during the pandemic, Dive Bar Nutrition has become a force to be reckoned with. A family-owned business, which manufactures in-house, so profit margins can be passed on to you. We're recovering together... LET'S GO !



When consumed 45-60 minutes prior to training, Dive Bars are reported to enhance workout volumes and anaerobic performances by up to 15% *. Join the ranks of UFC fighters, out of competition Olympic athletes, and countess collegiate D1 and D2 warriors and feel the benefit of a snack that was formulated for winning.

Weight loss / watching

Trainers, dieticians, and doctors agree that success in healthy weight loss is tied to understanding macros and their roles in the diet. Dive Bars have been enjoyed as mid-day snacks, pre-workout meals, and in some cases, even meal replacements within the weight loss community. Deliver the user-friendly choice in sports nutrition.

Parents, Teens, & those in between

Coffee can only take you so far and who needs the stomach acid!? Energy drinks look like Godzillas pee... creepy! Whether you're a super soccer mom/dad, an online gamer, or just a good ol fashioned hard worker trying to make it to the gym after a long day... Dive Bars are the life hack you can keep in your backpack!

The clients who buy Dive Bars at my studio love them ! They love the flavors, the texture, and even the fun names. Yummy and guilt free. Sooo Good !

Erin H, Owner of LETS GET FIT, Allen Park, MI

Dive Bar Nutrition protein bars are some of the best tasting protein bars we’ve tasted in a while. Their unique flavors keep our customers coming back for more... and often !

Alex Brecher, owner of BARIATRIC PAL, online superstore

My customers love Dive Bars! They are delicious, we can't wait for our next batch!

Anthony M. Owner, Supreme Supp Shop, and fitness/health vending machines.

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