When consumed 45-60 minutes prior to training, Dive Bars are reported to enhance workout volumes and anaerobic performances by up to 15% *. Join the ranks of UFC fighters, out of competition Olympic athletes, and countess collegiate D1 and D2 warriors and feel the benefit of a snack that was formulated for winning.

Weight loss / watching

Trainers, dieticians, and doctors agree that success in healthy weight loss is tied to understanding macros and their roles in the diet. Dive Bars have been enjoyed as mid-day snacks, pre-workout meals, and in some cases, even meal replacements within the weight loss community. Deliver the user-friendly choice in sports nutrition.

Parents, Teens, & those in between

Coffee can only take you so far and who needs the stomach acid!? Energy drinks look like Godzillas pee... creepy! Whether you're a super soccer mom/dad, an online gamer, or just a good ol fashioned hard worker trying to make it to the gym after a long day... Dive Bars are the life hack you can keep in your backpack!

The clients who buy Dive Bars at my studio love them ! They love the flavors, the texture, and even the fun names. Yummy and guilt free. Sooo Good !

Erin H, Owner of LETS GET FIT, Allen Park, MI

Dive Bar Nutrition protein bars are some of the best tasting protein bars we’ve tasted in a while. Their unique flavors keep our customers coming back for more... and often !

Alex Brecher, owner of BARIATRIC PAL, online superstore

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